I Didn’t Make The Wheel Of Fortune Cut

I Didn’t Make The Wheel Of Fortune Cut

Oh well, I didn’t make the final cut at the Wheel of Fortune tryouts. The audition was almost 2 hours long and there were about 70 people total. I had high hopes of being the next Wheel of Fortune superstar, but I guess I wasn’t good enough.

There were 4 Wheel of Fortune “coaches” there choosing who made the cut and who didn’t. The audition was in a medium sized hotel conference room and the contestants all had their own chairs.

There was a digital puzzle on a projection screen in front of the room and the contestants were called on randomly to solve the puzzles. The contestants had to stand up where they were seated, choose a consonant, choose if they wanted to spin or pick a vowel, and then decide if they wanted to solve.

One of the WoF employees would spin the wheel, 2 coaches would look at us and judge us, and the other one would put up the chosen letters on the screen. Each potential contestant only had 2 chances to “try out.” About 3 seconds if you yelled out an incorrect letter and about 1 minute if you got a few letters in a row.

After the projection screen puzzle solving, we were given a 5 minute written puzzle exam. We had 16 partially filled out puzzles and had to solve them in 5 minutes. Make that 5 very quick minutes. I filled out 5-6 puzzles and only filled in the other partial puzzles.

After the exams and mock digital puzzles, the coaches came back into the room and read off the names of the winning contestants. Needless to say, I was not on the “Made It” contestant list. Too bad, so sad. Now I have to wait a full year before I can try out again.

I Am Trying Out For The Wheel Of Fortune

Just a heads up…I am off on my Big Adventure tonight. I will be away from The Surf Blog Spot for a couple days because I am auditioning for the most watched syndicated program since May 1984. Hopefully I will make it all the way to Pat Sajak and Vanna White!! That’s right, I am auditioning for the famous Wheel of Fortune.

I received an email last week for an audition spot on February 4. The tryouts are in Culver City, CA and the audition will last 1-3 hours. I won’t know until the end of the audition if I made it or not. Wish me luck!!

Does anybody have any strategies or insider tips?

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