Globe Pro Fiji – Day 10 – Round 4 Complete

The anticipated swell at the 2008 Globe Pro Fiji finally arrived and delivered decent waves to Cloudbreak. The waves were not smooth and hollowing winds made Round 4 very challenging. Kelly, Taj, Bede, Bobby, Mick, C.J., Joel, and Adriano all advance to the Quarterfinals.

The last heat of the day ended up being the up-setter. The Brazilian, Adriano de Souza, finished off Frederick Patacchia of Hawaii. In Heat 4, Kelly Slater solidified his place in the quarters by beating Damien Hobgood.

Since Fiji is 19 hours ahead of California and 22 hours ahead of Florida, the Quarterfinals will take place Tuesday morning, local Fijian time. Event directors are saying that the Globe Pro Fiji will finish Tuesday and event organizers are aiming for a 7am start. An official surf call will be made, Tuesday, 6:30am local Fijian time.

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My Prediction: Kelly Slater will win his quarterfinal against Booby Martinez, win the semi-final, and then lose a close one in the finals

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