Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday Shopping

Get your online shopping on!!

Today is “Cyber Monday” and today is the day to do your online shopping. Black Friday is more commonly known as the kick off to the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday is traditionally associated with the brick-and-mortar store shopping, while Cyber Monday is the official kick-off to the holiday online shopping. Shoppers can find tons of online shopping deals like free shipping, cyber discounts and other promotions and a lot of gear discounts like wakesurf boards for beginners, surfboard, types of wakeboards, freediving snorkel…

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What Is Wrong With The San Diego Chargers?

I live, work, and surf in San Diego. I am also a huge San Diego Chargers fan. If you have ever visited San Diego, then you know that the county is huge. The county has a geographic area of 4,200 square miles and about 3 million people live here.

The county is approximately the size of Connecticut. You will also notice that San Diego County has 70 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. That many miles of coastline equals that many surf spots.

Since there are so many surf spots in this huge county, I find myself driving around checking the local surf spots. Most of the time I have my radio on and I am listening to the local sports talk radio. So I hear all of the Chargers smack talk and discouragement.

Listening to or watching Chargers game this year is very tough. They have lost 4 games in the last 24 seconds. Their defense is horrible (compared to last year). LT is not the same LT. Listening to the Chargers game yesterday was embarrassing.

They played the Atlanta Falcons and Michael “The Burner” Turner proved San Diego wrong. We should have kept him. What is wrong with this once All-Star Chargers team? They can not cover anybody and their offense is sooooo predictable.

What is wrong with this team?? Send a comment if you want to vent!

I guess we can all look forward to the San Diego Padres season…

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