2008 Globe Pro Fiji – Day 8-4

2008 Globe Pro Fiji – Day 8

Another day of small swell and another day of waiting at the Globe Pro Fiji. One week into the contest and only the money contenders are hanging around on Tavarua. After back-to-back contests in the sun-drenched South Pacific, most of the top ASP World Tour surfers have headed back to their local breaks or another epic surf trip.

The Globe Pro contest director may give the contest a go tomorrow or Monday. Another call on competition status will be made tomorrow at 7am.

Next time you are headed to Fiji, remember some of these key words and phrases:

“ni sa moce” (pronounced – ni sa mothey) – Fijian for “Goodbye”

“ni sa yadra” – Fijian for “Good morning”

“bia” – Fijian for “beer”

“wai” – Fijian for “water”

“vaka-viti” – Fijian for “Fijian”

Check out the local Fijian swell models provided by Wavewatch.com

Go to wavewatch.com for your local surf forecasts

2008 Globe Pro Fiji – Day 4

Stop number 4 on the ASP World Tour continues to roll out some amazing heats and amazing upsets. The 3-time world champion, Andy Irons, was ousted by another fellow Hawaiian in Round 3 of the 2008 Globe Pro Fiji.

Fredrick Patacchia, the 2005 WCT Rookie of the Year, closed the door on Andy Irons by beating him in Heat 15, 16.34 points to only 5.83.

The match-up of Round 3 included past ASP World Champions Mark Occhilupo and 8 time world champ, Kelly Slater. Even though Occy officially retired last year, he entered this contest as a wildcard.

Occy was downed by Kelly Slater in Heat 8. Now Slater will match up with the defending Globe Pro Fiji champion Damien Hobgood in Round 4. With the contest swell dying and some lay days ahead, the 2008 Globe Pro Fiji is finished for today.

Check the current status of the Globe Pro Fiji

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